Diabetes Coaching Testimonials

hi mark…just wanted to drop you a line about what a great day i had today.  my sugar readings were..139,149,123,and 147. way down!  i did my aerobic tape i told you i loved.  it’s about 45 min.  well, let me tell you, i was “pathetic” at it!!..  15 yrs ago i had hardly any problems doing it.  now, i could barely make it through, i hurt!!  LOL…old i guess. but i was so very happy today with my readings.  i think the exercise is really pulling it down..yipppeee!!  talk to you friday.
p.s.  the 139 was my morning reading…down from 200′s.  i think that’s great!! I can’t believe i actually can control my numbers!!
Deborah, West Virginia


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got my diagnosis of diabetes in 2007. It felt devastating. At that time my HbA1C was 7.4%. What I did about this was absolutely nothing. I just ignored it because I didn’t feel bad, physically. I figured it wasn’t much over 7%. Then I started hearing about complications of diabetes and also started getting some mild ones myself. But, not too long after starting my diabetes coachings with Mark, my HbA1C has been right around 6%. The best part is that my kids are so proud of me!

-Jennifer J., Memphis, Tenn.

My blood sugar levels were about 190 before breakfast. I though I was doing everything right. After Mark’s work, I wake up and my blood sugar levels are around 110. I’m going to go further with this. Plus the sessions are actually fun.

-Frank P., San Diego, California

I highly recommend Mark Josefsberg as a diabetes coach. Mark tailors his diabetes coaching to each individual. I know this because I recommended Mark to a friend who deals with her diabetes much differently than I do. My numbers have dropped down and they stay there. Thank you!

-L.N. New York, NY

My A1C was off the charts high. Let’s just say it was well over 11%, and it’s been up there for a few years. Although I just started diabetes coaching with Mark, I know my next three month average is going to be much lower because when I test, the blood sugar numbers are significantly lower. My doctor is going to be completely shocked!

-Peter L.K.

Lincoln, Nebraska

General Coaching Testimonials

Working with Mark has given me insight and appreciation of some feelings that were having a negative impact on my health. He is compassionate, caring and strong. He supported me during a very difficult time and allowed me to see beyond the turmoil and envision a new way. Anyone would benefit from Mark’s coaching sessions. He is truly a heartfelt individual.

-Susan, Miami

Mark’s coaching has helped me to see conflict as opportunities. With his guidance I am shifting how I approach situations in life that would normally register as conflict which for me has meant “failure”. Now I am growing into a new approaches, humming a tune to remind myself to “lighten up”, to not feel totally responsible. Mark helped me to explore alternative viewpoints, opening up new ways for me to respond.

-Janie V., Canada

Mark’s ability to really listen to what I was saying helped me listen to myself with a fresh perspective. He also suggested useful ways of looking at goals that made them seems more achievable and less daunting. He helped me learn to see my life’s issues in a more nuanced, less judgmental way. He is a true coach.

-P. Moody, Hoboken, NJ

Mark has coached me over several months. Mark’s caring nature, unconditional support, and amazing sense of humor created a pathway that allowed me to open up to possibilties within myself that I didn’t think were possible.

-Michelle Barry, Tolland, CT

Hey Mark,

I want you to know the whole coaching experience between us was wonderful for me. It was fun and it worked. I started out with an idea buried in my mind, and now it is happening. I imagined an activity and maybe a career combining music and peer counseling. I only whispered  it tentatively when nobody was around, and I felt it was silly because I never heard of anyone doing it before. Now it’s got a name (Turnlistening), and some interest, and a date for a first event that is going to be part of a film! I could not have imagined this when we started, and yet I am now imagining so much more!

I must say that I did the work to make this happen, and lots of factors helped me. My wife has been a huge support. My peer counseling and Alexander Technique work have been a big help. My musical life has helped tremendously. But In my gut I feel that my life coaching with you by phone played a key role in this success. From the beginning you took my little dream much more seriously than I could, and that changed me. I started to take baby steps and say more of what I thought with less drama. I think the whole process loaned me confidence.

I remember there were life coaching sessions getting me to see how this dream fit my values – repairing the world and helping people through music, others on choosing a name, and others on next steps. I liked your relentlessness in focusing me on what I was really after. I like that you have the students perspective to all this. You are obviously being coached and moving in your own life so that you are not approaching this as an authority but a brother in the struggle lending support. You are unique in your ability to cut to the heart of things in a direct but humorous way. I felt loved and supported by you the whole time, and most impressed with how my thing Turnlistening, affected you. I really love that you “get it” and love it. That may have been the most important thing. Your own thoughts were not a distant professional, but an enthusiastic friend. The life coaching work you did crowded out the isolation I felt, and allowed me to feel capable. Thanks for your work.


-Ken, New York City, NY

Working with Mark was most enlightening, he taught me to appreciate the small steps that lead to big steps. It’s a wonderful experience being able to share your thoughts in a loving space free of ridicule. I was able to find out where my blockages were and focus on them. I began to see a shift in my life instantly.
Thank you Mark for being present with me in this experience.

Many Blessings
Monica, London, England

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