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Personal Diabetes Support

You might not be looking for diabetes support to find out that too much sugar and carbohydrates increases blood glucose levels. (They do) You’re most likely not searching for diabetes support just to tell you that exercise helps lower blood glucose numbers. (It does) If you do need information in those areas, I’m happy to supply that for you. Early on in our sessions we will be discussing food and exercise choices, including modifications you could easily make.

When you Google diabetes support, diabetes help, or diabetes diet, you will get over 60 million results with hundreds of millions of pages. The challenge is turning information about diabetes into action, in our own lives. This is where diabetes coaching plays a unique role. As a diabetes coach I will give you personalized diabetes support over the phone. Our diabetes coaching sessions will be effective, and you will be able to readily see that because numbers don’t lie (as long as you’re testing; another hurdle to overcome!)

My own A1C usually runs between 5.5% and 5.7%. I’ve figured out what works for me in keeping my blood glucose levels around where they are, and in our diabetes coaching sessions we’ll figure out what works for you. We’ll implement a plan and I’ll support and challenge you as we carry it through. It’s easier to stay motivated and inspired when  two people working towards the same goal, which is normalizing your blood sugar.

The success you’ll achieve with personal diabetes support is immediately measured; first by your glucose meter, and then by your doctor checking your A1C. Diabetes is manageable and the changes happen quickly.

Diabetes Coaching Outcomes and Benefits

  1. Increased physical activity, with it’s own benefits.
  2. A calmer, more forgiving relationship with yourself and others.
  3. Weight loss, when needed.
  4. Better blood glucose numbers, improved overall health, improved mood.
  5. Using the diagnosis of diabetes as a spark for positive change.

More …

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2002. I was symptom-free at the time, and the news came during my annual routine physical exam. A nurse walked into the examination room with a concerned, alarmed look on her face. I thought ‘this doesn’t look good.’ She then stuck my finger and tested my blood glucose level. She said it was 300 and something, and I asked her if that was good. I don’t remember her exact words, but she said something to the effect of… “no”.
Thus began my education and journey towards managing my own diabetes, and helping others with their blood sugar levels. It didn’t take me very long to get my blood glucose HbA1C well below 6%, and it’s been around 5.5% for years.
I realized quite early on that just having information about diabetes management wasn’t enough for diabetics. I came to believe people with diabetes need a trained diabetes coach and an empathetic ally, beyond the support received from friends and family.
As a certified diabetes coach, I know how to help fellow diabetics negotiate feelings of loss of freedom, restriction, denial and other hurdles and obstacles to effective blood glucose control and optimal living.

Please feel free to contact me for a sample session.


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