Diabetes Coaching Testimonials

hi mark…just wanted to drop you a line about what a great day i had today.  my sugar readings were..139,149,123,and 147.  i did my aerobic tape i told you i loved.  it’s about 45 min.  well, let me tell you, i was “pathetic” at it!!..  15 yrs ago i had hardly any problems doing it.  now, i could barely make it through, i hurt!!  LOL…old i guess. but i was so very happy today with my readings.  i think the exercise is really pulling it down..yipppeee!!  talk to you friday.
p.s.  the 139 was my morning reading…down from 200′s.  i think that’s great!! I can’t believe i actually can control my numbers!!
Deborah, West Virginia


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got my diagnosis of diabetes in 2007. It felt devastating. At that time my HbA1C was 7.4%. What I did about this was absolutely nothing. I just ignored it because I didn’t feel bad, physically. I figured it wasn’t much over 7%. Then I started hearing about complications of diabetes and also started getting some mild ones myself. But, not too long after starting my diabetes coachings with Mark, my HbA1C has been right around 6%. The best part is that my kids are so proud of me!

Jennifer J., Memphis, Tenn.

My blood sugar levels were about 190 before breakfast. I though I was doing everything right. After Mark’s work, I wake up and my blood sugar levels are around 110. I’m going to go further with this. Plus the sessions are actually fun.

Frank P., San Diego California

I highly recommend Mark Josefsberg as a diabetes coach. Mark tailors his diabetes coaching to each individual. I know this because I recommended Mark to a friend who deals with her diabetes much differently than I do. My numbers have dropped down and they stay there. Thank you!

L.N. New York, NY

My A1C was off the charts high. Let’s just say it was well over 11%, and it’s been up there for a few years. Although I just started diabetes coaching with Mark, I know my next three month average is going to be much lower because when I test, the blood sugar numbers are significantly lower. My doctor is going to be completely shocked!

Peter L.K. Lincoln, Nebraska

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